Meet Callie Dahleen, PA-C

Callie Dahleen, PA-C

Since joining the Beaird Dermatology family 4 years ago, certified physician assistant Callie Dahleen has provided outstanding patient-centered, comprehensive care and it shows. Like all the care-providers at Beaird Dermatology, Callie takes the time to listen to her patients and build a relationship of trust and understanding to help provide the best possible care. When she's not seeing patients, Callie enjoys riding her Peloton and spending time with her husband, son and yellow lab, and, on occasion, enjoying a glass of wine or two. Learn more about Callie and why she thinks Beaird Dermatology is so unique.  


What do you like best about working at Beaird Dermatology?

"What I like about Beaird Dermatology is that it is a private practice, so we focus on personalized patient care. We are not a big corporation that sees our patients as a number. We get to know our patients well and establish a relationship. Beaird Dermatology has a very boutique and modern feel that offers a clean and happy environment."


What are some advantages of seeing a PA?

"Physician Assistants can independently work on their own under the support of a doctor. We diagnose, treat, and perform many procedures for our patients. An advantage is that we always have Dr. Beaird available for support. With Dr. Beaird’s training, we are able to take the same approach to diagnosing and treating our patients."


What is most important to you for patient care?

"I like to listen to my patients and hear their concerns so we can fully address why they came to see me. I believe educating our patients is very important, so the patient understands their diagnosis and treatment options. Like mentioned before, we take a very personalized approach, for example, every diagnosis and treatment for common disorders is personalized for each patient. We discuss different options that would work for them and agree together on a plan that works for them."


What is your philosophy around patient care?

"With patient care, I feel it is important to build a lasting relationship. I get to know them on a more personal level, and I am able to deliver care that is up to their standards and meet their expectations. Beaird Dermatology strives toward patient-care approach and we want everyone to feel like family. We want everyone to get the care they deserve."

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