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Lifting and tightening your skin doesn’t mean you have to go under the knife. The skin-tightening experts at Beaird Dermatology have many options to reverse the signs of aging. Dermatologist Leslie Beaird, MD, and her team in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, specialize in using nonsurgical treatments like microneedling, chemical peels, and laser treatments to firm and tone your skin. Most patients report noticing an improvement shortly after their first appointment.*

Skin Tightening Q & A

How do skin-tightening procedures work?

You have options when it comes to skin-tightening procedures. Your Beard Dermatology practitioner works with you to find a solution that gets you the results you want, in the most affordable way possible. Chemical peels, for instance, are short single-visit treatments that get rid of sagging dead skin. After the top layer of your skin gradually sheds, you’re left with visibly smoother and firmer skin.

Microneedling is a procedure that involves the use of tiny needles. During your treatment, your dermatologist gently “pokes” your skin with the needle instrument. This triggers collagen production and, after a few weeks, your skin naturally smooths out and tightens up.

Radiofrequency and laser systems are also beneficial for skin tightening. These procedures deliver energy below the surface level of your skin, which stimulates collagen production and improves skin elasticity. Beaird Dermatology has state-of-the-art Cutera® Excel V™ and Bovie® J-Plasma® systems for all types of skin-tightening and skin-tone-improving procedures.

Which areas of my skin can a doctor tighten?

Your Beaird Dermatologist practitioner can treat just about any problem area you may have. With so many options available, they can tighten and tone skin on your:

  • Face and neck
  • Arms and hands
  • Chest and back
  • Décolletage

Each skin-tightening package is tailored to your needs. If you have another area that you’re concerned about, talk with your practitioner. They can help you decide which skin-tightening treatment is best for that specific area.

Is skin tightening painful?

Not at all. With chemical peels, you may feel some tingling and burning, but it doesn’t last long. Patients who undergo microneedling report feeling some discomfort initially, although usually applying a topical numbing solution resolves that issue. If you decide laser treatments are best for you, expect to feel some warmth in the treatment area, but not any pain.

Does nonsurgical skin tightening last a long time?

Yes, particularly the Excel V and J-Plasma treatments, since your skin actually heals itself from the inside out. But no matter which treatment you choose, expect to have long-lasting results. Applying sunscreen daily and protecting your skin from harmful environmental pollution help your results last even longer. You can have treatments repeated again later on, just so you can continue to enjoy your new youthful glow.

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*Individual results may vary.