How Our Messaging Platform Works

Ever wonder what happens when you message our office? We are here to tell you how our system works and what keeps our conversation confidential. Messaging us can be a quicker solution to reach us rather than calling our office. We can book appointments, assist you with prescription refills, collect payments and much more!

You can message Beaird Dermatology through several different platforms such as your mobile phone, Facebook messenger, or even by using our chat box on our website. You can either simply text 224.484.0183, add your phone number on our website through chat box, or DM us through Facebook – we are ready to assist!

When you send a message to us, we receive a notification through our computer system with your phone number and the name you provided. From there, our staff will read your message and respond appropriately. We can assure you, every message is read in-office by our staff and responded to in a timely matter. We are here to help you in the most efficient way!

What are some other ways we utilize our platform? If you make an online appointment, we may text you to ease the process in getting you set up in our system. If the day/time is not available, our staff will message you to in order to check your availability. This makes it easier if you are at work or school during the day. We also utilize our messaging system for lab results. If your lab results come back normal, you would receive a quick message directly to your mobile phone to inform you. You can also pay your bill with us through messaging! The receipt of your payment goes directly to your phone for your records.

Beaird Dermatology is here to make your communication with us timely and efficient. Our phones and messaging system are always ready to assist you – the easiest way possible.